Nuestros Servidores

Single Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Red Hat/Apache OS
512 KB caché
512 MB DDR2100 RAM
100 MBps Bay Networks Ethernet Card
1500 GB Transfer Per Month
Multi-Homed OC-12 Tier-1 Fiber Connections (Cogent Free)
EXT3 File System Architecture
10/100 Bay Networks Ethernet Adapter
Dedicated 100 Mbps switch port
300W power supply
UPS device
Majordomo full listserver program - with automated setup procedure
Red Hat Linux 7.2 (Custom) and Apache 1.3.2x web server
Sendmail 8.11.6 mail server
Support for VocalTec Internet Phone, TrueSpeech Digital Audio, VRML, Macromedia's Shockwave
Support for Vream - Virtual Reality Authority Software, Voxware, VivoActive, Midi
Support for Sizzler, Fractal, FutureSplash, Infinop's wavelet image compression
Unlimited email aliases, mailing lists, auto responders
OpenSSH 3.4
Daily server backups included free
gpg (GnuPG) 1.0.6 for safe encrypted email
Perl 5.6.1, C, C++, java jdk 1.4, Python 1.5.2 and Python 2.1.1 & TCL 8.3 Compilers, Emacs 20.7.1
Anonymous FTP and CGI bin
Secure server ready - Apache Freeware SSLeay
PHP 4 with GD 2.x support, unlimited mSQL and mySQL databases (full server installed)
Real Audio / Video Server G2
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extensions/Server
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